Nissan Forklift Vietnam Sole Agent

Friday, October 17, 2014
Nissan Forklift Vietnam – The Sole Agent
Nissan Forklift

Nissan Forklift Vietnam provide Nissan Lift Truck in Vietnam such as Nissan Diesel Forklift, Nissan LPG Gasoline Forklift, Nissan Battery Forklift, Nissan Reach Truck and Nissan warehouse lift truck (Stacker, Electric Pallet Mover, Other Picker Truck).
We become the biggest forklift dealer in Vietnam about the rental market with thousands of forklifts for rent.
From 2014, we expend our sales by joining the "Reach Truck rental market" and become the first company who have Cold-room Reach Truck for rent (include Multyway Reach Truck and Double Deep Reach Truck)
We also sell the hight quality used lift trucks which were for rent in Singapore and replaced by original part.
Call: 0909648178 – Ms. Thuy Hoang


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