Battery 48V-450AH forklift 2 tons

Monday, January 29, 2018

Hitachi Kobe 48V-450AH Japan, 

For 2.0 tons battery forklift, 
As a standard for all electric forklift 2 tons, the Hitachi Kobe 48V-450AH is enough for a whole working days for almost applications. Hitachi Kobe were known as the best battery manufacturer for the industrial machine in Japan will offer you the new solution about the energy for almost portable machine.
Bình điện Hitachi Kobe 48V 450AH
Bình điện Hitachi Kobe 48V 450AH
The lift time of the battery Hitachi Kobe 48V - 450AH is about 1200 discharge times. Under good maintenance schedule, your battery lift time can last up to 4 - 5 years. The Hitachi Kobe battery can work well with Nissan BX series, Toyota 7FB20 8FBN20,TCM FB20-7 FB20-8, Mitsubishi FB20CA, Nichiyu – Sumitomo – Yale...
To get more information about the batteries for the electric forklift, you can send the email to Ms. Thuy Hoang [email protected] ; [email protected] MOB 0909.648.178; or to the Hitachi Kobe battery products support in HCMC [email protected] .

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