Battery forklift 2.5t 48V - 565AH

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Battery 48V - 565AH forklift 2.5 tons, 

Hitachi Kobe battery 48V - 565AH, 
The electric forklift truck 2.5 tons were equipped the battery 48V - 565AH to hand all work for a whole day. The Hitachi batteries were made from Kobe factory in Japan will provide you the best solution about the energy for forklift trucks.
Hitachi battery 48V 565AH
Hitachi battery 48V 565AH
The 2.5 tons battery forklift in Japan such as Toyota Komatsu Nissan Unicarriers Nichiyu Mitsubishi Sumitomo... use the 48V - 565AH battery as standard. But we also can option to the bigger capacity. To make sure that our battery can fit in well with your forklift, please send us the detail of your battery via email: [email protected] // [email protected] MOB 0909.648.178; Hitachi Kobe HCM - [email protected] 

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