Diesel forklift 7 tons – UniCarriers,

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Diesel forklift 7 tons – Nissan Unicarriers, 

The 1F6 series 1F6F70U by Unicarriers Japan, 
Capacity: 7000kgs at 600mm load center, 
Lift height: 3m – 7m, 
Power: Isuzu 6BG1, 
Safe system: OPS, Soft landing system, Swaying Control System (SAS) 
Manufacturer: Nissan diesel forklift by Unicarriers, 
Factory & production line: Nissan forklift Japan, 
Option: Side shift, Hinged fork, fork positioner, push pull, inverta push, pallet inverter, bale clamp, paper roll clamp… 
1F6F70U - diesel forklift 7 tons
1F6F70U - diesel forklift 7 tons
The 1F6 series is the premium diesel forklift trucks by Unicarriers. The model 1F6F70U with the Isuzu 6BG1 diesel engine will handle your lifting solution in hard working area. Equipped many advanced technology, Unicarriers 7 tons diesel forklift truck is the best choice for wooden factory, steel mills and logistics system. 

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