Hitachi battery 48V - 400AH Japan

Monday, January 29, 2018
The Hitachi Kobe battery 48V-400AH, 
For electric forklift 1.5 tons, 
The electric 1.5 tons is the most popular forklift on the market. With thousands units were used in the factory in food, pharmatically, logistics... and clean warehouses. We were known as the professional forklift rental company, so we will offer you the best services on forklift and the batteries.
Hitachi battery 48V 400AH
Hitachi battery 48V 400AH
For more information about the size and availability of Hitachi Kobe, you can contact to Ms. Thuy Hoang [email protected] ; [email protected]; MOB 0909.648.178; or Hitachi Products support in HCMC [email protected]

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