Premium Forklift rental 24/7

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Premium Forklift rental 24/7, 

For continuous working application, 
Ms. Thuy Hoang 0909-648-178

Almost machines for production line in the factory work continuous 24/7, and some production line need the forklift work 24/7 for handling material. You may lose much money in the case your production line were stops. Using our Premium Forklift Rental services 24/7, your material handling will working in best performance and none stop.
Premium Forklift rental services 24/7
Premium Forklift rental services 24/7
How do we offer you?
  • Our engineer will stay inside factory to keep the machines work 24/7. (included night time, weekends, holidays…)
  • The standby machines will be replaced immediately in the case there are the forklifts down.
  • The spare parts stock is in your company yard.
  • We will open a small work shop in your company yard.
  • One new hotline 24/7 will be open for your project only.
To get more information about our Premium Forklift Rental Services 24/7, please send your inquiry to Ms. Thuy Hoang [email protected] // [email protected] or hotline 0909.648.178

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