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Monday, January 29, 2018

Unicarriers stand up reach truck,  

The stand up reach truck from TCM Japan factory, 
State of the Art, "Second To None" 
TCM reach truck by Unicarriers Japan
TCM reach truck by Unicarriers Japan
Electric Reach Forklift Trucks - The Benchmark in class 2 Stand-up Type 
As the pioneer of forklift manufacturer in Japan, the reach type electric-powered forklift FRB-8A has been launched to the global markets, fully making use of experiences accumulated over many years and technical expertise to meet the demands of the modern material handling, particularly in the warehousing operations. 
This model, equipped with AC motors for both travelling and lifting performances, is sturdy and reliable in your daily operations, achieving superb productivity with high returns on your investments.
  • Superb Efficiency and Productivity
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Stable Driving and Operator Friendly Handling
Superb Efficiency and productivity
Extended Working Time and Improved Performance 
AC motors for higher productivity 
As the result of installing AC motors for both traveling and load handling, FRB-8A achieves 9.5 hours of operation period for one battery charge. The regenerative braking system at acceleration-off and switch-back performs to add value extra run time.
TCM FRB-8A stand up reach trucks
TCM FRB-8A stand up reach trucks
Battery over-discharge prevention system
When the battery power is SO% discharged, the LCD panel indicator blinks to alert and remind the operator either to recharge it or to replace it by the new battery. Furthermore,
at this moment the system automatically start to reduce both travel and lifting speeds to protect the battery life from sudden total power discharge. Also, the reservation system
has been newly installed to set-up the starting and finish time to carry out battery charging.
Auto Power-off System
This system automatically conducts to shut off the main power to save the Battery power when the truck is not operated more than 15 minutes even if the main key switch is "ON". The hour recording meter of operation also halts to automatically record the actual operation time for management supervision on the truck operation.
Dust and water-resistant controller
Air tight controller for travelling and lifting has IP 54*, helping to protect it from dirt and water ingress. • IP54 rating (Ingress protection) is used to specify the extent to which equipment is protected against dust/dirt particles and water.

Excellent Maneuverability
Improved load handling control system
The FRB-SA Series are ensuring class-top handling performance
FRB-8A TCM reach trucks
FRB-8A TCM reach trucks
Easy access to operator compartment: Operator comfort has been enhanced by the new ergonomics design, such as lower step floor with soft cushion mat.
LCD panel and dashboard design: The LCD panel has inclined by 15 degrees toward the operator to improve readability and also safety operation. The steering wheel has inclined by 5 degrees toward the operator to improve turning with less fatigue.
Auto-torque-up, Traction control system: When climbing slopes or getting out of the con caves at the workplaces, the controller automatically increases the traction force of the drive wheel for much smoother operations.
Improved fork-tip visibility: The front visibilty has improved by 20%, inclining the horizontal bar of backrest.

Stable Driving and Operator friendly Load Handling
Password entry system: For security to prevent misuses of trucks by unauthorized operators, - FRS-8A is equipped with this new system, whereby operators have to input their individual code numbers to release the lock before start up the truck.
Unicarriers stand up reach trucks TCM factory
Unicarriers stand up reach trucks TCM factory
Auto-lock suspension control system: This controller constantly monitors traveling and load handling condition, and the rear wheel suspension is automatically locked by this system.
Load handling and Traveling Interlock system: This system automatically and constantly monitors operator's position in the compartment and releases the lock to perform load handling only when the operator stands on the proper position. In the meanwhile, only seconds after the operator leaves the compartment warning light and alarm sound start to alert, and the truck remains standstill.
Steering control system (Traveling speed and steer-angle): This system automatically regulates the traveling speed of the truck when the steer wheel turning-angle exceeds over 30 degree at either right or left turns. This enables more comfortable and safer steering handling. Furthermore the speeds-sensitive steer force system automatically regulates as follows:
Front wheel brakes: The FRB-8A Series are equipped with electromagnetic - controlled front wheel brakes to ensure efficient braking performance when carrying very heavy loads as well as at slippery surfaces.
Disk brake on TCM stand up reach trucks
Disk brake on TCM stand up reach trucks
Anti-slipping control by AC systems: AC drive motor and the controller achieve to prevent sudden slippage quickly when start-up or speed-up acceleration, which enables comfortable driving as well as safer- operation on the slippery surfaces.
TCM stand up reach truck FRB-8A
TCM stand up reach truck FRB-8A

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