Nissan UniCarriers forklift rental

Long-Term Rental: Nissan forklift by Unicarriers, 

Low capital outlay with high benefits… 
Electric forklift truck: Long-term rental can provide flexibility for equipment and a term tailored to your operation. Coupled with Unicarriers extensive short term rental fleets, your business can meet peak production or seasonal requirements while keeping your fleet size optimised for your everyday needs. 
Forklift truck Rental services in HCMC
Forklift truck Rental services in HCMC
  • You know, you don’t have to purchase…
  • There are many benefits to renting or leasing:
  • Provides additional capacity to handle unexpected handling peaks.
  • Protects your cash reserves - enabling you to acquire equipment without making a substantial upfront payment.
  • Improves your cash flow - allowing you to use working capital for other areas of your business.
  • Protects against equipment obsolescence.
  • Lower upfront costs enable you to acquire new technology sooner.
  • Provides an additional line of credit without affecting your existing arrangements.
  • Offers you in-built flexibility – it is simple to add or upgrade equipment.
  • Payments may be offset against tax, where applicable, and protect you against rising interest rates.
  • No additional debt on the balance sheet equipment availability.
  • No long-term acquisition commitment.
  • Easy to arrange - we take care of everything.

Short-Term Rental: Nissan forklift by UniCarriers, 

During the times you don’t need a lift truck for the long term…
The forklift trucks: There is a very good chance you experience peaks in activity or exceptional events that demand extra materials handling equipment for relatively short periods of time. If so, Unicarriers short-term rental lift trucks allow you to source the right lift truck at short notice.
Forklift rental by Nissan Unicarriers dealer
Forklift rental by Nissan Unicarriers dealer
We offer you the the lift truck for a week, month or longer, we understand you expect the truck immediately.  Through the Unicarriers dealer work-shop, you can simply access rental equipment for the times when leasing or buying a new lift truck is not a practical option.
The extensive Unicarriers work-shop network is able to offer forklift trucks in a variety of capacities powered by Gasoline - LPG, diesel and electric batteries as well as specialised equipment including narrow aisle reach trucks, stackers and order pickers.
Short-term rental is an economic way to supplement an existing fleet for seasonal requirements, conducting physical inventory or replacing trucks scheduled for repair. The expense of idle equipment not used during other parts of the year can be reduced or eliminated. Short term rental is ideal when an unusually large quantity of goods need to be moved at short notice or a particularly tight dead-line, a short-term rental will boost materials handling capacity to meet the requirement.
And particularly useful when an unexpected event or equipment breakdown may require quick availability of another lift truck - a short-term rental unit can fill the gap, keeping a business running smoothly.
Nissan Unicarriers forklift rental services
Nissan Unicarriers forklift rental services