RX stand up reach forklift truck

The stand up Reach Truck Forklift, 

Unicarriers Japan 1.5 - 3.0 tons 
The New RX Series - further evolved to deliver true value through longer operating times and greater maneuverability
The New RX Series Is a new generation of forklift that dramatically reduces power consumption and achieves both outstanding long operating times and top class maneuverability, while a full range of equipment features and advanced safety performance help to improve operator efficiency.
Unicarriers Japan reach truck RX series
Unicarriers Japan reach truck RX series
  • Advanced Point 01: Outstanding Long Operating Times
  • Advanced Point 02: Top Class maneuverability
  • Advanced Point 03: Functions and Equipment to Improve Wok Efficiency  

Advanced Point 01: Extended Operating Time for Longer Continuous Operation.
With a high-efficiency IPM* drive motor and an AC lift motor, the New RX Series features higher power train efficiency, reduced vehicle weight, and optimized driving and load handling control that together reduce power consumption by 25%. This extends operating time by approximately 3 hours compared with the previous model (1.5-ton standard model). IPM: Interior Permanent Magnet.
Nissan reach truck - Improve battery life
Nissan reach truck - Improve battery life
25% Reduction in CO2 Emissions: By reducing power consumption, the New RX Series decreases CO2 emissions by approximately 25% compared with the previous model (1.5-ton standard model), contributing to our customers' environmental activities.
Greatly Extended Battery Lifetime: When performing the same operation, the New RX Series discharges only 56% of the battery compared to 75% with the previous model. This increases the number of lifetime recharges by approximately 34%.
Advanced Point 02: Top Class Maneuverability for Significantly Higher Work Efficiency.
The New RX Series achieves the top class of maneuverability in the industry, with a theoretical minimum aisle width for right-angle stacking of 2140 mm. The maneuverability support function allows the minimum aisle width mode (tighter turning mode) to be engaged at the touch of a button. This function provides a large boost to work efficiency.
Nissan reach truck by Unicarriers Japan
Nissan reach truck by Unicarriers Japan
■ Expanding the aisle width margins to further increase operation efficiency The New RX Series provides larger width margins when working in an aisle of the same size, for faster and smoother operation.
■ Smaller aisle widths for higher warehouse storage efficiency As the aisle widths required can be minimized, it is possible to increase the number of racks in the same floor space.
Smooth Turning with the Maneuverability Support Function
Nissan RX reach truck for Narrow space
Nissan RX reach truck for Narrow space
At the push of a button, the user can switch between 2 modes: 1. Standard mode: This mode minimizes the turning radius when turning on the spot. 2. Tighter turning mode: This mode reduces the right angle stacking aisle width. This helps to improve the efficiency of troublesome stacking operation.

Advanced Point 03: Functions and Equipment to Improve Wok Efficiency  
High Visibility Display with Hood: The hood is installed above the instrument panel to prevent reflected glare and improve visibility. The instrument panel is also tilted so that the display can be checked from a natural body posture.
Low Floor for Less Fatigue When Entering and Exiting: The New MK Series floor height is 250 mm, 45 mm lower than the previous model, making it easier than ever to enter and exit the vehicle. This low floor is in the top class of the industry, and was designed to reduce fatigue when operators frequently enter and exit the vehicle.
Stand up reach truck Nissan by Unicarriers
Stand up reach truck Nissan by Unicarriers
Large Improvement in Driving and Loading Operability
■ Improved driving accelerator pedal characteristics; The accelerator pedal characteristics have been improved, for smoother operability in low and mid-speed ranges. The New RX Series gives the operator complete control in all speed ranges, from fine speed adjustments in low speed ranges to acceleration during normal driving.
■ Reducing jolting at low speeds Acceleration control has been optimized to reduce jolting at low speeds, making it easier to perform precise position adjustments while turning the steering wheel.
■ Improved load inching performance The adoption of an AC load motor provides a balance of good response and high inching performance.
Driving and Load Handling Interlocks for Higher Safety
The operator sensor detects when the operator is not in the vehicle, and locks the driving and load handling operations. This is an excellent function for improving safety by preventing accidental operation.
RX Stand up reach truck with safe
RX Stand up reach truck with safe
Turning Speed Control for Improved Driving Stability
Acceleration while turning is limited according to the amount of steering wheel turning and the vehicle speed in order to improve vehicle stability. Reducing unnecessary acceleration also helps to conserve energy.
Improved Suspension System for Comfortable and Stable Driving
The suspension system has been changed to reduce lifting of the front wheels and rolling of the chassis, improving stability and comfort during turning and load handling.
Highly Popular Equipment from Earlier Models
■ A variety of efficient charging • Cold-region charging • Equalize charging
■ Brake assist specification for effective braking on slippery floors (option) • Front wheel brakes • Traction control

■ Loading support specification to improve the efficiency of load handling work (option) • Load shock prevention control • Automatic lift height stop • Tilt leveling support • Fuzzy logic load control • Requires the special multifunction display.